Getting back on the long-form horse

I love Standard Notes, and it seems that they've added support to spit out to a hosted blog right from the UI. I came to know standard-notes via @popey and since I'm on lots of platforms having a linux snap + Android + Windows + Web in an OSS app with built-in encryption is just the perfect match for me.

And the pricing to make the project sustainable is interesting. They have the usual monthly and yearly plans, but they give you an option for a 5-year plan that is $149 every five years option.

The 5-year plan is our take on a sustainable, long term plan. It provides you with all of Extended’s benefits for a long time to come, and also helps support Standard Notes in developing a secure application, both technically and financially.

Ok, that sounds good to me, I'm in.

I can just write in native markdown and then not worry about hosting. And to be honest, while I do love hugo for work, I just couldn't be bothered to care enough about my personal blog to set it up and do all that. Shoutout to though, you might want to check that out.

So I'm going to give this a shot., a simple small app that holds all my notes anyway so I'm always in here and it's just another tag. The final content is pretty lightweight too, not as lightweight as the penultimate plaintext site but I'm digging the clean default.

Hopefully this will lead to more long form content instead of snarky twitter comments, but I can't promise anything.

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