VMWare container for Folding @ Home

Thanks to Ryan Kelly who has published a container for Folding@home. This is a great way to have a PC helping to solve for COVID-19.

It works on standalone machines and on Kubernetes, and there's a toggle for enabling your GPU as well as supporting the common use flags for the fah client.

Here's a shorthand:

docker run --rm -it -p7396:7396 vmware/folding-at-home:latest --user=myusername --team=52737 --passkey=1385yourpasskeyhere5924 --gpu=false --smp=true --power=full

And here's what I actually use:

docker run --rm -it -p7396:7396 vmware/folding-at-home:latest --user=castrojo --team=52737 --gpu=true --smp=true --power=full

Naturally team 52737 is VMware, so by all means adapt to your team usage. Point your webbrowser to to hit the web ui to make changes, of course substitute with your actual ip. Make sure you check out the full directions in the link above, and happy folding!

Don't forget to check out our awesome team dashboard

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